Green Smart Charge Solution by ACCIONA Energía


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An electric vehicle charging solution recently built by ACCIONA Energía optimizes efficiency and focuses on renewable self-consumption charging at the supply and price of electricity. The company plans to expand its proposal to business and institutional clients to assist in their decarbonization targets with this solution.

ACCIONA Energía presents customers with charging installations that are directed by a self-developed management system in its Green Smart Charge solution. Predictive energy consumption models are used by the system which is sited on massive data processing. Hence, it improves the charging process by choosing the optimum sequence based on four variables: time in hand and percentage needed for charging; electricity cost at the given point; consumption peaks of the installation that feeds the charging point; and convenience of self-consumption. ACCIONA Energía prioritizes with the help of this process the utilization of 100% clean renewable electricity.

ACCIONA Energía launched a model program in three market segments: business and industrial complexes; shopping and leisure centers; and vehicle fleets, for this technology. This project will help ACCIONA Energía to model service patterns in different configurations according to the use of corporate and institutional clients for their own electric vehicle fleet or for general public use.

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Belén Linares, ACCIONA Energía’s Director of Innovation, says, “We have identified that our customers are looking for complementary formulas to advance in terms of decarbonization and efficiency. At ACCIONA Energía, we offer a 100% clean electricity supply and a professionalized self-consumption model. The low-emission and cost-efficient electric charging service is an added value for corporate clients in transport logistics and in their commitment to sustainability.”

One of the users taking part in the model project is The Moraleja Green shopping center, Madrid handled by SAVILLS AGUIRRE NEWMAN. “The value of the Green Smart Charge charging station for us is that it guarantees a better balance between costs and efficiency without compromising the quality for the user,” says José López-Guerra, manager of Moraleja Green.

The company with also deploy a pilot project of Green Smart Charge in-house, at its facilities in Madrid and in the company’s own fleet of vehicles.

ACCIONA Energía besides startup BIA POWER has cooperated in the development of this fresh smart solution, within its open innovation program, I’mnovation.

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