Maruti Suzuki Reports Sales in June 2021


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Maruti Suzuki India Limited posted total sales of 147,368 units in June 2021. Total sales in the month include domestic sales of 126,196 units, sales to other OEM 4,152 units and exports of 17,020 units.

With this the Company closed the first quarter of FY 21-22 with total sales of 353,614 units (297,118 units domestic, 10,977 units to other OEM and exports of 45,519 units).

Sales in Quarter 1 of both FY20-21 and FY21-22 have been far from normal owing to COVID-19 related lockdowns and disruptions and hence any comparison would not be very meaningful.

The sales figures for June 2021 and Quarter 1 FY 21-22 are given below:

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