Tata Motors To Bring Out 10 New Electric Vehicles By 2025


At the recently held 76th Annual Report N Chandrasekaran chairman of Tata Motors said that it will bring out 10 new battery-electric vehicles by 2025 for the standalone entity. This is after having charted out a clear roadmap for Jaguar Land Rover towards future electrification. Jaguar Land Rover is targeting 100% zero tailpipe emissions for the portfolio it sells by 2036. Jaguar will become fully electric by 2025. 60% of Jaguar Land Rover’s volumes will be pure BEV vehicles by 2030.

Tata’s Nexon EV is the best selling EV in India. The EV penetration in the company’s portfolio is now 2% in FY-21 and it expects penetration to increase exponentially in the coming years.

N Chandrasekaran said, “By 2025, Tata Motors will have 10 new BEV vehicles and as a Group, we will invest proactively to set up charging infrastructure across the country. In addition, the Tata Group is actively exploring partnerships in cell and battery manufacturing in India and Europe to secure our supplies of batteries. Tata Motors will lead this change in the Indian market. Your company will be the torch-bearer for green mobility in the automotive world and create a virtuous cycle of growth and returns for our shareholders too. We are clear that this shift to sustainable mobility is an idea whose time has come, and the Tata Group will move forward with speed and scale to seize this and proactively drive the change in consumer behaviour in India and beyond. At the Tata Group, we would like to be amongst the world leaders on sustainability. As a large and diverse conglomerate based in India, but with a global footprint, we are uniquely positioned for this leadership. Our companies are present in 150 countries, we employ over 750,000 people and touch the lives of 650 million consumers.”

Tata Motors is also evaluating an automotive software and engineering vertical within the Group that will help them lead in a new world of connected and autonomous vehicles. 

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