BYD Delivers eBus To Slovakia And Hungary


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BYD, the world’s leading electric bus manufacturer, is uniting the people of Slovakia and Hungary with the delivery of BYD’s best-selling 12-metre eBus to Volánbusz Zrt. – one of Hungary’s largest public transport operators – bringing daily electric bus services across the Danube river in the city of Komárom / Komárno for the first time. The historic ‘sister’ city on the Danube comprises Komárom in Hungary on the south bank of the river, with Komárno in Slovakia to the north. Although the city resides across two countries, no border control exists as both Slovakia and Hungary are part of the unifying Shengen Area. Citizens on both sides of the river can travel between the two countries on board an electric bus for the first time.

This important occasion is being marked with a special hand-over ceremony at the BYD Hungary manufacturing facility – also in Komárom and where Volánbusz’s new BYD eBus was produced – including guest-of-honour Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s  Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Mr Szijjártó was joined by Dr. Attila Molnár, Mayor of the City of Komárom – Mgr. Béla Keszegh, Mayor of the City of Komárno – Czunyiné dr. Judit Bertalan, Member of Parliament – dr. Róbert Homolya, President and CEO of MÁV Zrt – and dr. Zoltán Pafféri, President and CEO of Volánbusz Zrt.

This is also the first BYD eBus for Volánbusz in Komárom, following deliveries elsewhere in Hungary including ten 12-metre models for Pécs last summer and BYD’s first eBus delivery in Hungary in 2018 – also a 12-metre model – in the city of Salgótarján. Volánbusz will deploy its new BYD eBus on an intensive daily service across the Danube river, delivering pure-electric, emissions-free public transport for the citizens in Komárom and Komárno for the first time.Volánbusz’s latest low-floor BYD vehicle delivers a 300km single-charge range from its 348kWh battery capacity. The two-door model will also provide class-leading safety and high levels of comfort for passengers. BYD’s 12-metre eBus remains the company’s, and the European market’s, best-selling electric bus.Acquisition of the new BYD eBus was made possible through funding within the framework of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Programme. Interreg Europe is the EU organisation concerned with helping to support Local Authorities across Europe with finance from the European Regional Development Fund. Interreg also helped support the construction of a new bridge across the Danube river. Volánbusz launched its vehicle rejuvenation program in 2018, and has already replaced over 860 new vehicles. The company plans to replace 40% of the total bus fleet by the end of 2022, including further plans to purchase electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó, explained at the ceremony, “We have achieved countless achievements through cooperation over the last 10 years. BYD is also doing a lot for this, playing a key role with its Komárom plant, producing modern, environmentally friendly buses and helping us to regain a significant position in European vehicle production. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more a part of our lives. Today is also a good symbol of the harmony of the Hungarian government’s economic policy and green policy. During the development of the Hungarian automotive industry, we are already focusing on the development of the electric automotive industry, which on the one hand increases the country’s competitiveness and on the other hand contributes to reducing the ecological footprint and emissions of transport worldwide.”

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Dr. Attila Molnár, Mayor of the City of Komárom, said, “My colleagues and I have been working with conviction for years to introduce the importance of environmental protection. The fact that an electric bus manufactured locally will run between the two banks of the Danube is not only an environmentally friendly development, but together with the new Monostor Bridge, we see a fantastic symbol of 21st century development.”Mgr. Keszegh Béla, Mayor of the City of Komárno added, “It is extremely important for Komárom residents that the Danube does not separate, but connects the northern and southern parts of the city. Thanks to the close cooperation, a number of developments are taking place that connect this region. This electric bus shows our main directions for our city. We are building a modern, environmentally- and family-friendly Komárom, which is the defining center of the region.”dr. Homolya Róbert, CEO of MÁV Zrt.  said, “The goal of the MÁV-Volán Group is to provide sustainable, safe, clean, environmentally- and passenger-friendly transport opportunities. The goal is not less than to achieve quasi-climate neutrality by 2050, which requires uniform, environmentally conscious and cost-effective public transport. This also requires the development of infrastructure and vehicle fleet renewal, which  has already begun. Today we can welcome the first eBus, but we plan to put more and more on the roads across the country. ”

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“This is an historic day for the people of Komárom and Komárno,” said Yongping Chen, Managing Director, BYD Electric Bus & Truck Hungary, “and we are delighted to be joined by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade to mark the occasion. From Today,” he said, “passengers can travel across the Danube on board a pure-electric BYD eBus – in safety, comfort and, above all, helping to promote a cleaner, more sustainable future for the two cities.” He added, “It’s a great pleasure for the whole BYD group that Volánbusz’s new eBus was assembled at our modern BYD Hungary production plant right here in Komárom. I’d like to mention that it has been a fantastic example of cooperation between nations and one that has contributed significantly to the success of BYD throughout Europe.”

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