Bengaluru Based Simple Energy To Introduce New Electric Scooter


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Bengaluru-based electric vehicle startup Simple Energy is planning to introduce a new e-scooter which is codenamed Mark2. The company said that aimed at the last-mile delivery needs of the B2B segment, the startup began its development a year ago along with testing.

Suhas Rajkumar, Founder and CEO said that – “With Simple Energy and all its offerings, we aim to disrupt and set a product benchmark in the EV segment, and particularly the logistic market through this B2B product. Another challenge is to match the price point expectation of the business; we want to create a product that is not only better looking but also has the right mix of utility and price.”

The electric scooter will have a maximum use of IoT at the best possible price and will feature a removable battery for swapping and a modular design, purpose-built to reduce the maintenance cost on the vehicle and to address the high load low-speed problems.

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Currently,  the company is engaged in the testing and development of the two-wheeler product. Along with this, It has plans to develop three and four-wheeler products also.

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