Komaki Announces Launch Of Lithium-ion Battery Pack With 220Km Range


Komaki, an EV manufacturer, has announced the launch of its new lithium-ion battery pack with a promising 220 km full charge range. This battery pack which is developed in-house will be featured in three of its electric scooters including the Komaki XGT-KM, the X-One and the XGT-X4. The company has also announced that these battery-powered scooters will be priced from ₹85,000 (ex-showroom) and will arrive at the authorised company dealerships starting from the first week of June 2021.

This new and advanced battery setup will be sold with a three-year warranty which includes 2 years free + 1-year service warranty. 

This new battery is capable of getting fully charged in just 4-5 hours and will deliver a full-cycle range of 170-200 km (depending upon the riding mode selected). It also has a regenerative braking system which will give the full charge range a further push.

Apart from these batteries, the company is also making a new and improved grade of lithium cells which will be lightweight and at the same time capable of fast charging too. Along with it, the development of a new battery system for its Komaki X4 smart scooter is also under process, which will provide a full-charge range of 350-400 km on a single charge.

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