NewMotion Begins ‘Charging Infrastructure On Site’ Funding Programme Offer

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NewMotion, a leader in smart EV charging solutions and a Shell group company, is supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to set up eligible charging solutions under the ‘Charging Infrastructure on Site’ funding programme. From 12 April, small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the Federal Ministry of Transport’s funding programme and be reimbursed up to 80% of the investment costs for setting up a publicly accessible charging infrastructure. NewMotion offers charge points that meet all the requirements of the funding programme, and also offers its customers comprehensive advice and professional installation.

Increasing customer acceptance sustainably

“We are very pleased about the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport’, says Klaus Schmidt-Dannert, Regional Manager DACH at NewMotion. While the adoption of electric vehicles is reaching new record levels every month, there are still many people without access to charging infrastructure at home or at work. Creating easy access to charging infrastructure ‘on site’ at central locations of everyday life, not only makes an essential contribution to the seamless transition to e-mobility, but also increases the attractiveness of small and medium-sized companies. It shows an additional service that they can  offer their customers.” .

On-site charging made easy

NewMotion provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a complete charging solution that meets all the requirements of the Federal Ministry of Transport’s subsidy: NewMotion charge points enable contract-based charging with secure charge cards and apps, roaming and ad-hoc charging. The LCD display shows  the charging data in compliance with measurement and calibration law. Businesses can focus on their business, because the additional ecosystem of solutions NewMotion offers facilitates for a carefree installation of the hardware, including  aftercare, mobility services, optional partner services and customer service. The NewMotion charging infrastructure is easy to monitor and control  through  a user-friendly platform, which makes it easy to  set tariffs and access rights.

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