The Renault Captur E-Tech Hybrid Unveil Its Prices


As a pioneer of electric vehicles, we worked alongside the Renault F1 Team to engineer innovative and exclusive E-TECH hybrid technology. With some150 patents to its name, it enabled us to develop two types of hybrid engines, with and without recharging capabilities.  

Fitted with two electric motors, a traction battery and a smart gearbox, Captur E-TECH Hybrid provides optimal use of available energy sources (electric or thermal motor). Hybrid technology means drivers can enjoy up to 80% electric driving on city roads and a guaranteed electric start 100% of the time. The E-TECH Hybrid engine saves up to 40% on fuel compared to an urban cycle thermal motor equivalent.  


E-TECH Hybrid technology is now available on Renault Captur with the Zen, Business, and Intens packs, while orders for RS Line and Initiale Paris packs will open in the coming weeks. This latest hybrid motor rounds out the overall range of rechargeable hybrid motors, alongside the Captur E-TECH Plug-In 160. With a choice of petrol (TCe 90), micro-hybrid petrol (TCe 140 and 140 EDC), or even bi-fuel petrol-LPG motors (TCe 100 LPG), the Renault Captur range now offers a wide range of engine types to meet all needs. 

Including the same upgrades as seen on combustion motor models, Captur E-TECH Hybrid comes fitted with the following features: 

  • Regenerative braking and energy recovery mode (E-shifter and automatic transmission) 
  • Energy flows displayed directly on the central dashboard 
  • EV button to switch into full-electric mode  
  • Unique badges on the boot, B-pillar, and gear stick 
  • 7-inch customizable dashboard standard on Zen version 
  • Automatic air conditioning standard on Zen version 
  • Automatic headlight activation standard from Zen version 

Renault Captur E-TECH Hybrid is available throughout the Renault dealerships in either ZEN, BUSINESS, or INTENS packs, starting at €27,100. 

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