While The Year 2020 Was Full Of Challenges, It Provided Us An Opportunity To Set Our Processes Right And This Year We Are Planning To Grow Three Fold, Nishant Saini, EEE-Taxi


EMobility+ interviewed Mr. Nishant Saini , Founder & MD, EEE Taxi wherein he shared
insights on the company’s technological advancements and key takeaways from last year
along with the company’s future growth plans and EV sector outlook.

According to you, what steps should the policymakers take to strengthen the EV
ecosystem in the country?

The policy makers need to bring intervention at multiple stages for better adoption of EVs. The sector needs intervention by banking institutions as conventional funding mechanisms are not sufficient to finance EVs for longer duration. The charging
infrastructure needs to be revamped. The government should also create more awareness. Enforcement agencies and traffic pol ice often impound vehicles for
not carrying Permit Vehicles whereas Permit requirement has been exempted for EVs.

What is your growth plan for this year 2021?

While the year 2020 was full of challenges, it provided us an opportunity to set our processes right. This year we are planning to grow three fold. We have optimised our operations in cities like Delhi , Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Noida, Secunderabad,
Hyderabad and Bengaluru. We shall be launching in 5 more cities this year. We are also planning to introduce high end EVs with enhanced range and safety in our fleet for better customer experience.

What are some technology advancements that you have made in the recent years that you plan to grow further in the coming years?

At eee – Taxi we have made large investments in technology. We use SALESFORCE as a CRM. We are using telematics to gather information like vehicle location tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, route planning, Real Time SOC level , Real Time Odometer
readings, Geo – fence based alerts, vehicle speed, Trip history etc. Our fleet management software enables us to access all documents like insurance, RC, Gazetted Notification for Permit, maintenance schedule etc. All our vehicles have FASTag. The vehicles are tracked at the command centre. All vehicles are fitted with emergency alert systems and SOS Panic Button for enhanced passenger safety and security. Our integrated billing system enables us to generate instant Tax Invoice at the end of a trip. As a company we are committed to better adoption of technology encompassing EV, journey and trip

Read the full interview here: https://emobilityplus.com/2021/03/09/emobility-india-jan-2021-magazine/

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