CSTEP Signs MoU With Hygge Energy, Partnership To Focus On RE And Electric Mobility Segments


One of India’s leading think tanks, the Center for Study of Science,  Technology and Policy (CSTEP) has signed an MoU with Canadian clean technology company Hygge  Energy Inc. to collaborate in the renewable energy and electric mobility segments. 

As part of the arrangement, CSTEP and Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) would jointly promote projects,  including in the arena of electric vehicle (EV) charging through the use of renewables, besides  conceptualising, designing, and developing pilot projects for demonstration and policy uptake. The  two sides would also organise workshops, seminars, and training courses in areas of mutual interest.  

The alliance, moreover, would entail CSTEP and Hygge sharing and disseminating institutional  knowledge on research, policy, and institutional frameworks, in addition to sharing published reports,  research papers, and other literature on issues of common interest. CSTEP and Hygge Energy would  enter into definitive agreements for specific projects. 

Explaining the rationale behind the pact, CSTEP Executive Director Dr Jai Asundi said, “The  collaboration between CSTEP and Hygge Energy is in line with our common objectives of promoting  greater use of renewable energy, decarbonising the transport sector, and contributing to the  Government’s electric mobility mission.” 

Hygge Energy Co-Founder and Chairperson Mr Atul Kunwar said, “The collaboration will contribute  towards the evolvement of policy and regulatory frameworks to drive India’s aggressive  sustainable/renewable energy targets on EV adoption, rooftop solar microgrid deployment, carbon emission initiatives, and electricity grid upgradation.” 

“We are very excited to join hands with CSTEP. I am confident that our association will have a  significant positive impact in the domains of clean energy and electric mobility in India,” Hygge  Founder and CEO Mr Prateek Saxena said.  

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