Jolta – A one-stop-shop for all EV-related needs


Jolta is poised to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry this fall. A one-stop-shop for all EV-related needs, the new venture will be comprised of three main components: a curation of EVs, onsite charging stations, and charging solutions and installation services.

As the first EV dealership of its kind, Jolta will offer a curation of e-cars, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles, and more – all from premium brands such as Gocycle, Unagi, Rayvolt plus a selection of electric car manufacturers including new-to-market brands.

Nathan Cohen, the CEO and founder of Jolta, said the company was born to address lingering challenges within the EV industry. Most EV brands lack the proper retail representation that allows consumers to experience products prior to purchasing. Not all electric car manufacturers are willing to allot the necessary time and resources to build a direct-to-consumer retail distribution network like Tesla, while their products are ready to go to market. At the same time, other EV category brands, like electric bicycle and scooter makers risk getting diluted exposure when sold at general bike or recreational shops while they could benefit from an EV-specialized distribution channel.
Jolta will present these EV brands alongside each other at an EV-centric flagship store that will address consumers’ needs to discover, compare and try out the EV products before purchasing them.

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Richard Thorpe, Gocycle Founder and Designer, sees Jolta as a game changer for the EV industry.He stated that, Jolta’s holistic approach was to bring together all forms of personal electric transport under one amazing customer experience which provided a unique touch point for Gocycle to connect with forward-thinking and passionate EV enthusiasts.

At Jolta, customers will experience in person a unique selection of vehicles carefully curated based on design, battery range, performance and safety, taking the burden of research off the consumer.
The selection of EV brands would range from modern to classic, kid-friendly, and even vintage-inspired — there would be something to fit every lifestyle, stated the CEO of Jolta. A trained staff of EV experts, called Joltans, will facilitate on-site test drives and address customers’ questions about vehicles and charging.

According to Michael Johnson, Sales Director for Unagi, the expert curation of EVs is one of the crucial elements Jolta will bring to the table.He stated that, this was critical. There was a lot of bad information online when it came to e-scooters. There were also so many scooters being imported and sold with no after sales support, warranty, etc. Jolta would give the consumer confidence in their purchase by selecting real companies with vehicle-grade, quality products.

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Jolta will also offer all kinds of charging solutions for residential and commercial properties, including charging equipment and installation services.
Customers can enjoy onsite charging stations and a full-service lounge with snacks, beverages, and complimentary Wifi, where they can work or unwind while their vehicles charge.

Nathan Cohen, the CEO and founder of Jolta added to his previous comment that, Jolta was founded with a vision to protect the environment and move towards sustainability. Their modes of transportation heavily affected environmental efforts, and the impact of Covid-19 had led people to consider even more eco-friendly ways of getting around. They strongly believed that they could seize the momentum and become part of the change by making EVs accessible to all.

Jolta is finalizing its selection of cars and other EVs and will launch its first flagship store in the fourth quarter of 2020 in Miami. The company plans to open fourteen other dealerships in other major U.S. cities by 2025.

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