Xpeng Motors tops in smart connected car technology patent applications in 2019 among Chinese auto makers


Xpeng Motors ranks top among Chinese auto makers in smart & connected car technology patents in 2019, according to data released jointly by The China Automotive Technology Research Center’s Institute of Information Technology, and the Intellectual Property Branch of China Society of Automotive Engineers on 19 Jan 2020. 

The company also ranked among Top 20 applicants in China’s auto sector with 742 patent applications published in 2019.  Xpeng’s invention patent applications accounted for 76.28% of its published patent applications, the highest percentage among Chinese auto makers, according to the same data release.  

“Our achievement in innovation and invention patents is a strong testimony of our dedication and focus on in-house R&D,” said Mr. He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of Xpeng Motors. Xpeng’s patent applications published increased by over 613% to 742 in 2019 from 2018, the biggest increase among the top 30 applicants last year.

Xpeng Motors Records Strong Patent Application Growth in 2019

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Over 60% of the company 4,000-plus global employee base is R&D related staff, a powerful driving source for its R&D efforts.

Xpeng’s Patent Application Technology Segment Split in 2019

About 41% of Xpeng’s patent applications in 2019 was related to smart & connected car technology, whilst vehicle technology, autonomous driving and powertrain technology related patent applications accounting for 25%, 22% and 12% respectively.

The technology segment split in its 2019 patent applications is another differentiator for Xpeng Motors from traditional car makers in China, highlighting its strong R&D capability in vehicle related connectivity and autonomous driving technology.   

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