Waaree ESS Gets BIS Approval for its Lithium Ion Batteries


The BIS approved Lithium Ion Batteries will be used for E-Bikes and Telecom towers

Waaree ESS, an Indian startup in the manufacturing of Lithium ion batteries has gained the necessary BIS approval for its battery production.

To support the E-vehicle revolution, Waaree ESS has partnered with GreenVolt Mobility to supply them with Lithium ion batteries for the electric two-wheeler named ‘Mantis. These  portable lithium-ion batteries weigh 3.5 and have a payload capacity of 100 Kg. Customers do not require a driving license, vehicle certifications or registrations for the Mantis as it falls under the category of no-challan bikes. 

On a full charge, the Mantis claims to have a range of 50 Km. It takes 2.5 hours to charge the battery. It does not require dedicated infrastructure or charging stations, as any domestic power socket can be used for charging Waaree manufactured Li-ion batteries. 

Waaree has also supplied over 10,000 sets of Lithium-Ion batteries for storage, and telecom applications to one of India’s largest telecom Infra provider companies.

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