Repsol And Ibil Strengthen Their Position In Electric Vehicle Charging


Repsol and Ibil have reached an agreement to give new momentum to the electric vehicle charging network. Repsol has acquired Ibil’s charging network and energy commercialization services along with the assets and contracts associated with these activities. This operation consolidates Repsol’s position as a leader in mobility on the Iberian Peninsula and its commitment to innovation and the development of new products and services adapted to the needs of customers. For its part, Ibil will concentrate its activities in providing the market with technological and value-added services for installation and operation of charging infrastructures, thereby strengthening its role as a technological and industrial reference and a driving force for an activity where it is leader: intelligent management and integration with the electrical system.

Once the operation is completed, Ibil, in which Repsol and the Ente Vasco de Energía (EVE) will continue to hold 50% stakes, will transform its business model to focus on technological developments for mobility, sustainability, and the energy transition, and thus respond to the strong growth expected in these areas in the coming years.

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As a result of this agreement, Repsol’s public charging network will consist of more than 230 points, representing one of the most important infrastructures of this type in Spain. Of these, 35 are fast charging points located at the company’s service stations, which positions Repsol as a leader in this type of electric charging in Spain. The company will also operate 1,000 terminals that Ibil has installed for companies and private customers.

year at Repsol service stations, will enable recharging of vehicle batteries that support this technology in five to ten minutes, a time similar to that needed for conventional refueling. One of these charging points, located in Ugaldebieta (Biscay), has four terminals capable of delivering up to 400 kW each, making them the most powerful charging points in Europe.

Repsol and EVE created Ibil in 2010 and as a result became the number one charging operator in Spain at that time.

Due to its know-how and experience in the sector, Repsol, together with Ibil, will be able to continue expanding the network with the installation of new points that will cover the needs of users of this type of mobility. Additionally, the company, through its Repsol Electricidad y Gas subsidiary, will be able to supply 100% renewable electricity for vehicle charging, which will enable it to provide customers with a comprehensive service.

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This transaction consolidates Repsol’s commitment to developing the mobility of the future, an area in which the company is playing a key role as the leading supplier of energy for this sector in Spain. In addition to its commitment to electric mobility, Repsol has different lines of action that contribute to making mobility more sustainable, such as the development of more efficient fuels, the supply of AutoGas and the launch of WiBLE, a car-sharing service in Madrid.

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