Biggest threats & opportunities for the EV industry


With the EV industry gaining prominence in India, benefits can be derived in a number of domains. With growing environmental concerns, pollution being at its peak, EVs pose a clear answer to these. No fuel needed to power our vehicles means no pollution, thereby leading to cleaner air to breathe. No fuel requirement means lesser dependence on oil imports leading to a healthier financial status of our economy. The biggest gain that one can foresee in EV & probably the most attractive one, is consumers save a ton of their money without having to rely on petrol/diesel.

Just using your 5A power socket to power your vehicle is plain simple! No complexity in this – charge your vehicle the way you charge your smartphone!

That being said, no dependency on petrol would mean huge dependency on power requirements. It’s a well established fact that we face power cuts, irregular power supply & impurities in the input power in many parts of the country. And that’s in the current scenario where EV penetration is still low.

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For EVs to become a defining factor here, our power consumption needs to be accounted for. Renewable forms of energy need to be further tapped into & harvested properly.

But something that supercedes this is the lack of awareness among people about EVs & improper execution of policies. There needs to be a step by step approach towards this entire EV phenomenon.

Which is exactly what we at NUTECK believe. Just keep it SIMPLE!

Our EV chargers are easy to use, with clear indications about the EV charge %, not complicated at all. It’s important to us that all our customers located pan India, may they be in metros, tier 3 cities, etc. are able to use our EV products with absolute ease. We’re constantly innovating at our end about how we can make our EV products more consumer centric.

But all these efforts would need to be complemented by efficient power, which is the need of the hour for EVs to take off!

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Nuteck is engaged in the manufacturing of EV chargers for 2W & 3W. All products are manufactured at their facility in Pune, 100% Made in India.

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