Tata Motors Faces Delays In Launching 100 Electric Buses In Jammu And Srinagar


The launch of 100 electric buses in Jammu and Srinagar has been delayed due to the slow progress in setting up necessary infrastructure, including charging stations, by Tata Motors, according to official sources.

Tata Motors has reported that the charging infrastructure in both cities is now in a ready-to-operate mode. These electric buses are part of the Smart City Project initiated by the Jammu and Kashmir administrations to reduce air and noise pollution, decrease dependence on fossil fuels, and improve public facilities.

The buses come equipped with features like a real-time passenger information system, panic buttons, CCTV cameras, online ticket booking, and more. Tata Motors is responsible for setting up charging stations, and bus depots, and delivering 100 electric buses to each city.

While operations have started in Srinagar, delays in establishing a bus depot and charging stations in Jammu have hindered the launch of electric buses in the city.

According to Tata Motors, operations will commence in Jammu in the coming days, and the charging infrastructure is in a ready-to-operate mode. However, the complete delivery of electric buses has not been received yet, and work on the bus depot and charging stations in Jammu is still in progress.

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Under the contract, Tata Motors will supply, operate, and maintain 100 electric buses in each city for 12 years. Transportation technology company Chalo Mobility will provide consumer technology solutions for electronic ticketing and fare collection.

Tata Motors recently announced it will supply and operate 200 electric buses in Srinagar and Jammu as part of the Jammu and Srinagar Smart City projects. The first batch of electric buses has been delivered to Srinagar Smart City Ltd.

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