Infosys And Smart Europe GmbH Partner For Sustainable Electric Mobility


The IT firm Infosys has entered into a five-year partnership with the automotive company Smart Europe GmbH to enhance its direct-to-customer (D2C) business approach in Europe. This collaboration aims to improve the customer experience, personalized data-driven interactions, and engagement for the existing smart 1 model, the recently announced smart 3, and other upcoming all-electric vehicles.

In their statement, Infosys announced a five-year partnership with Smart Europe GmbH, an iconic brand in the automotive industry. The collaboration’s goal is to redefine the online electric vehicle (EV) purchasing experience and utilize machine learning (ML) models for accurate sales and after-sales demand forecasting.

Infosys will leverage its expertise in processes, functions, and technology, along with a design thinking-led consulting approach, to help Smart Europe GmbH maximize the value of its investments in software, data, and cloud technologies.

Smart Europe GmbH CEO Dirk Adelmann expressed satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting Infosys’ leadership commitment and its ability to efficiently manage end-to-end application development and maintenance, which will enhance their operational performance and user experience.

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Infosys will also support Smart Europe GmbH in the efficient sale of electric vehicles across 15 European countries through a D2C sales strategy. This approach encompasses lead generation, prospect conversion, sales, and after-sales services, ensuring full ownership and accountability.

Jasmeet Singh, Infosys EVP and Global Head of Manufacturing mentioned their enthusiasm for delivering advanced technologies to innovative companies like Smart Europe GmbH. They aim to help Smart Europe GmbH enhance its competitiveness in the European market by accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions.

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