Research and Markets Report Reveals Saudi Arabia’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Preferences in Anticipation of Green Mobility Transition


In a comprehensive report ResearchAndMarkets sheds light on the preparedness and eagerness of Saudi Arabia’s residents for the imminent transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) over the next two years. This survey, conducted among over 500 potential vehicle buyers, offers a data-driven guide for automakers, dealers, charging point operators, and related industry stakeholders. The report delves deep into consumer preferences regarding the ideal use cases, locations, and packages within the EV charging landscape in Saudi Arabia.

Key Highlights of the Report:

1. Research Objectives and Methodology: The report outlines the rigorous methodology employed to gather and analyze data, ensuring actionable insights for the industry players.

2. Key Findings: A concise summary of pivotal discoveries that can shape the strategies of the EV and EV charging market in the Kingdom.

3. Respondents’ Profile and Driving Habits: A demographic analysis intertwined with driving habits, providing valuable insights into the core consumer base.

4. Customer Preferences for the Next Car Purchase:

  • EV Purchase Preferences segmented by Gender, Age, Daily Commute, Long Distance Driving, Income Bracket, and Dwelling Type.
  • Identification of key perceived disadvantages of EVs.
  • Insights into preferences regarding EV Brand/Country of Make.
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5. Customer Preferences for EV Charging Infrastructure:

  • EV Charger Location Preferences.
  • Maximum Charging Waiting Time.
  • Availability of office parking.
  • Payment Preferences.
  • EV Charging App Feature Preferences.

The findings from this survey are pivotal for industry stakeholders, offering crucial insights to align their strategies with the expectations and willingness of potential EV owners in Saudi Arabia, particularly concerning the charging infrastructure. As the Kingdom gears up for a greener automotive future, this report serves as a valuable compass for businesses navigating the evolving landscape of electric mobility.

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