Altigreen Partners With MathWorks To Accelerate Electric Three-Wheeler Development

A file photo of Altigreen neEV

Altigreen, the electric three-wheeler manufacturer, has announced its partnership with MathWorks, a developer of mathematical computing software, to accelerate the development of Altigreen’s flagship electric three-wheelers, known as the NEEV. These electric three-wheelers are designed and priced to make them accessible to small business owners, independent drivers, and fleet operators in India.

Amitabh Saran, the Founder and CEO of Altigreen, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing eco-friendly and cost-effective mobility solutions. He highlighted that using MATLAB and Simulink allowed their teams to rapidly test and enhance design ideas. Altigreen’s proactive investment in simulation and clean technologies, such as electric powertrains, has enabled them to reduce emissions, and noise, and create electric three-wheelers that outperform their fossil fuel counterparts in terms of torque, power, and range.

Altigreen initially joined the MathWorks Startup Program, which provides early-stage companies with cost-effective access to MATLAB, Simulink, and various applications to build prototypes and scale production. The program also offers technical mentoring, support from application engineers, language-specific training, and discounted training. Altigreen has graduated from the program and now uses Model-Based Design, which reduces development time and utilizes real-world test data simulations to enhance the design process iteratively.

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Sunil Motwani, Country Manager, Sales & Service at MathWorks, highlighted that Altigreen’s participation in the MathWorks Startup Program allowed them to gain early access to industry-standard tools, accelerating their product development and commercial scaling. He noted that using Model-Based Design enabled Altigreen to complete their last drivetrain redesign in under 13 months, a significant reduction in development time.

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