Mercedes-Benz Expands EV Charging Network To All Brands In India


Mercedes-Benz India, the renowned German luxury car manufacturer, has announced the expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) charging network to accommodate customers of other brands in a bid to promote the adoption of EVs in India.

Simultaneously, the company has introduced its high-end EQE 500 4MATIC electric SUV, available at an introductory price of Rs 1.39 crore (all India ex-showroom). Mercedes-Benz has also inaugurated a new ‘Customer Experience Centre’ in Chakan, Pune.

Mercedes-Benz is taking active steps to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles in India by opening up its ultra-fast charging network to all EV customers, regardless of the brand they own. Santosh Iyer, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz India (MBI) emphasized that EV users can now access the luxurious Mercedes-Benz charging network.

The company boasts the largest charging network among luxury car manufacturers, featuring 140 chargers at various locations. Notably, 40 of these chargers fall within the 180-kilowatt and 60-kilowatt categories, signifying fast chargers. Iyer conveyed, “We are broadening this comprehensive charging infrastructure, accessible not only to Mercedes owners but to all automotive brands, spanning both the luxury sector and the broader market. This will enable them to quickly charge their vehicles at our fast charging network.”

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This initiative is expected to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across India. Additionally, MBI has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) to develop an app that provides access to an additional 150 superchargers for EV customers, irrespective of their car’s brand.

Iyer also highlighted the launch of the EQE 500 4MATIC SUV, stating, “We are strengthening our BEV portfolio by launching the EQE 500 4MATIC SUV. This marks a significant enhancement to our portfolio of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), providing top-tier luxury features, advanced technology, connectivity, and more. The EQE 500 4MATIC SUV comes with the industry’s best 10-year battery warranty and a service interval of once every two years.

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz India has inaugurated a unique Customer Experience Centre in Chakan, designed to serve various purposes, including private consultations, personalized car deliveries, and hosting corporate events for top-end customers.

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