Jeep India Evaluating Electric Vehicle Options Amidst Ambitious Localization Goals


Jeep India is actively exploring electric vehicles (EVs) as a significant focus within its Indian market strategy. Aditya Jairaj, Head of Jeep India Operations and Deputy Managing Director at Stellantis India stated that the company is currently assessing various options for EVs in India to meet the evolving customer demands. While Jeep has a substantial global EV portfolio, the specific approach for India is still in the process of being finalized.

Moreover, Jeep India has set ambitious targets for localizing its compact SUV, the Jeep Compass, with a goal of achieving over 90% localization over the next three years. The company operates a manufacturing facility in Ranjangaon, Pune, in a 50:50 joint venture with Tata Motors.

Aditya Jairaj emphasized that electrification within the Indian market is a significant focal point for Jeep’s future plans, but the company is currently in the process of fine-tuning its EV strategy.

Regarding future product offerings, the company is aiming for a substantial increase in localization, targeting a 40% rise from the current 70%. This strategic move is not only important for the Indian market but is also part of Jeep’s vision for India as a key hub both for the domestic market and for exports worldwide.

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Exporting vehicles is a crucial component of Jeep India’s long-term strategy, as it provides scale and competitive advantages in terms of cost. The company currently has a portfolio comprising the Compass, Meridian, Wrangler, and Grand Cherokee, with the Jeep Compass and Jeep Meridian being exported to markets such as Japan and Australia.

While the primary export destinations currently include developed markets like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, Jeep India is exploring opportunities to export vehicles to non-right-hand drive markets as well, further expanding its global footprint.

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