Chandigarh’s Fuel-Based Two-Wheeler Registrations Set To Halt In First Week Of October


The Chandigarh administration is preparing to cease the registration of gasoline-powered two-wheelers in the first week of October because it anticipates surpassing the annual target for such vehicles set under the 2022 Electric Vehicle (EV) policy.

According to the EV policy, the registration of gasoline-powered four-wheelers will be halted in December of this year. The target for this fiscal year is to register 12,076 gasoline-powered two-wheelers in the city by December. Following this, registrations will be suspended until the end of the fiscal year on March 31, with only electric two-wheelers being registered.

Since April of this year, a total of 11,254 two-wheelers have been registered. Therefore, only 822 non-electric two-wheelers can now be registered.

By December, the UT administration will halt the registration of gasoline-powered four-wheelers with internal combustion engines (ICE) (petrol/diesel) once the target for this fiscal year is reached, which is expected to occur by December.

According to the Chandigarh Administration’s target for this year, only 15,465 gasoline-powered four-wheelers are to be registered by the end of this fiscal year. After this, their registration will be stopped, and only electric four-wheelers will be registered.

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As of now, 12,937 four-wheelers have been registered in the city, leaving around 2,528 non-electric four-wheelers that can be registered within the given timeframe.

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