Delhi Electric Vehicle Market Surges In August 2023 With 4,907 Registrations


In a significant leap toward greener transportation, Delhi reported remarkable electric vehicle (EV) sales for August 2023. The Delhi Electric Vehicle (EV) market has witnessed a surge, with 4,907 new electric vehicles registered during the month.

Key Highlights:

  1. Electric Vehicle Dominance: Electric vehicles accounted for a notable 9.2% of all vehicles sold in Delhi in August, underscoring the growing shift towards sustainable transportation.
  2. Electric Two-Wheelers Hold Steady: Delhi residents continued to embrace electric two-wheelers, with 2,108 e-2Ws sold in August, maintaining sales figures similar to July 2023.
  3. Electric Rickshaws Gain Traction: The month of August saw the sale of 1,512 electric rickshaws, highlighting the adoption of eco-friendly options for last-mile connectivity.
  4. Public Transport Electrification: Delhi’s commitment to cleaner public transportation was evident as 88 new electric buses were registered in the city, offering residents an environmentally friendly commuting option.
  5. Three-Wheeler Goods Carriers: Delhi also witnessed 564 new registrations of electric three-wheelers for goods transportation, contributing to reduced emissions in the city.
  6. Delhi EV Policy Success: The Delhi government’s EV policy has played a pivotal role in driving electric vehicle adoption, with a total of 1,39,598 EVs sold in the city under the policy until August 2023.
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The surge in electric vehicle registrations in Delhi reflects a growing awareness of environmental concerns and a strong commitment to cleaner and more sustainable modes of transportation. These numbers are a testament to the positive impact of Delhi’s efforts to promote electric mobility and reduce air pollution in the city.

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