One Electric Initiates Local Manufacturing Of KRIDN Electric Motorcycle In Africa

One Electric

One Electric has taken a groundbreaking step by initiating the localized production of its flagship electric motorcycle, “KRIDN,” directly within the African continent.

The company has solidified a collaborative partnership with a well-established local vehicle manufacturing entity, paving the way for a comprehensive transfer of components, advanced technological insights, and assembly know-how tailored to their motorcycle range.

Gaurav Uppal, CEO of One Electric, shares, “Our dedicated engineers are meticulously supervising the training and production process of our motorcycles in Kenya, ensuring the upholding of our uncompromising quality standards. Our collaboration with a highly experienced and technically proficient company has set us on a trajectory to accomplish the inaugural production batch within a mere two weeks. This aligns perfectly with our vision of establishing manufacturing hubs across both Africa and Asia, enabling us to achieve rapid scalability, deliver superior products, and offer localized after-sales support. Our next manufacturing location in central Africa is projected to be operational within the next 60 days.”

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Abhijeet Shah, CTO, further elucidates, “Beyond contributing to augmented exports from India, our localized production strategy directly contributes to local manufacturing, job creation, and bolstering the regional economy. This symbiotic approach cultivates a dynamic brand that hinges on mutual success, transcending the traditional sales-centric model. This ecosystem, where all stakeholders derive benefits, appears to be the most fitting operational model for the African context.”

Uppal elaborates, “Nevertheless, our localization strategy will unfold gradually, synchronized with the current industry viability. Initial phases will encompass the localization of essential components like handlebars, stands, and carriers, with a gradual expansion of this portfolio as the ecosystem flourishes.”

One Electric has ambitious plans for an African-based battery manufacturing facility, set to be operational by the end of the current year, to accommodate burgeoning production volumes.

While solidifying its foothold in Africa, the company is already engaged in discussions to extend its reach to other global markets, encompassing South America and Southeast Asia.

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