Gujarat City Set to Embrace e-Sprinto’s Electric Revolution: 10 Showrooms Slated for Opening by Fiscal Year’s End


India’s rapidly growing electric two-wheeler brand, e-Sprinto, has unveiled its ambitious strategy to propel the green movement in Gujarat. The brand aims to inaugurate 10 new showrooms in the region by the conclusion of this fiscal year. These showroom locations will function as dealership outlets, prioritizing ease of access and customer convenience. In addition to promoting a sustainable future, this initiative will also foster local entrepreneurship and generate employment opportunities.

With a positive reception in mind, e-Sprinto has meticulously devised a plan for rolling out its showrooms. Commencing in September, the company is set to unveil 2-3 showrooms each month, providing an opportunity for customers to intimately acquaint themselves with their state-of-the-art electric vehicles. These showrooms will serve as hubs for individuals across Gujarat to explore e-Sprinto’s impressive array of electric two-wheelers. Showroom visitors will be able to discover the latest models, including the highly acclaimed e-Sprinto and e-Sprinto BB low-speed EVs, as well as the high-speed Sprinto HS and Amery variants. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology, remarkable performance, and environmentally conscious attributes, all e-Sprinto two-wheelers pledge an unmatched riding experience.

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Commenting on the company’s aggressive plan, Mr. Atul Gupta Co-Founder & Director – e-Sprinto said “In recent times, e-Sprinto has been heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response to our newly opened EV showrooms across multiple states. As we expand our footprint with 10 new showrooms in Gujarat, we emphasize the importance of these spaces as more than just retail outlets. Our EV two-wheeler showrooms serve as vibrant hubs of innovation, where customers can not only witness the future of mobility but also actively contribute to the EV revolution. At e-Sprinto, we are not just selling vehicles; we are driving a revolution that champions cleaner air, quieter streets, and a greener tomorrow. We also assure our dealership partners unwavering support to build, grow, and thrive in this dynamic landscape.”

The decision of e-Sprinto to establish a significant foothold in Gujarat is rooted in the region’s increasing inclination towards electric mobility and its thriving market potential. The company acknowledges Gujarat’s proactive approach in adopting sustainable transportation alternatives, perfectly aligning with e-Sprinto’s vision for a cleaner and more ecologically balanced future. A central part of their strategic agenda involves a strong commitment to solidifying their presence in Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city. This focused effort aims to create a closely-knit network that seamlessly links e-Sprinto’s groundbreaking EV technology with the diverse requirements of the urban landscape.

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In tandem with the expanding showroom network, e-Sprinto is dedicated to building a robust service and maintenance infrastructure across Gujarat. This initiative underscores the company’s steadfast dedication to ensuring customers receive prompt and dependable after-sales assistance, thereby enhancing their overall ownership experience.

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