Audi’s Fresh Employer Campaign Chronicles the Essence of Advancement


Audi is venturing into uncharted territory in the race for skilled professionals, amplifying its “We are Progress” initiative to refine its employer brand persona. The campaign’s audacious aesthetics and captivating catchphrases accentuate the merits of affiliating with the four-ringed brand as an employer. In the capacity of genuine brand advocates, staff exemplify the distinctive essence of an Audi workplace. Instances encompass adaptable work paradigms, exceptional career prospects, and engagement within a dynamic industry. The four-ringed emblem predominantly seeks to attract talent within the realms of IT and technology sectors.

“With this campaign, we are shaping our employer brand identity as an IT and tech company,” says Xavier Ros, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources at AUDI AG. “Working at Audi means shaping the progress of tomorrow for a digital, sustainable, and electric future. The invention of the car changed the world. Now we are changing it again.”

Positioning Audi as an Irresistible Employer 

The novel employer campaign zeroes in on three pivotal spheres: novel work paradigms, electrified mobility and digitalization, and individual progression. Audi’s workforce embodies each of these realms through their personal narratives. These testimonials, succinct and poignant, encapsulate the essence of each individual’s perspective. Judith Klaes, the Director of Recruiting, Employer Branding, and Career Development Programs, elucidates, “This campaign revolves around the individuals. We are honing in on the areas most pertinent to our target demographic, specifically IT and tech enthusiasts. Audi’s offerings in these arenas are truly remarkable.” The campaign’s bedrock is a comprehensive study. Last year, a diverse pool of participants—comprising Audi employees and students specializing in relevant domains—participated in a survey encompassing eight hundred individuals. Via adept interviews, workshops, and an online survey, Audi meticulously discerned the paramount factors guiding individuals’ choice of an employer, subsequently informing the campaign’s direction.

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Embracing Evolution on a Personal Scale in the Realm of “E-Mobility and Digitalization”

At Audi, Sebastian, the Head of Delivery Management Digitalization for Production, finds himself immersed in the very heart of the automaker’s metamorphosis into a technology-driven enterprise. For Sebastian, this transformation holds an allure that captivates his imagination. “Audi has never been more captivating,” he reflects. “Three revolutions unfold in harmony: the digitalization of our industry, the shift from traditional engines to electric vehicles, and the evolution from a mere manufacturer to a comprehensive mobility facilitator. Today, the vehicles that grace our assembly line are dynamic mobile entities, perpetually connected to Audi’s digital ecosystem, constantly updating themselves. To be present in this moment and actively contribute to shaping these profound changes is an extraordinary privilege.”

Embracing Agility Through an Enhanced Norm

Lena is a pivotal member of the Internal Communications team in Ingolstadt. Within the campaign, she symbolizes the realm of adaptable work environments, often referred to as “new work”. This focus area highlights how Audi’s workforce possesses the autonomy to choose their work locations, transcending traditional boundaries. Furthermore, it underscores the culture of robust collaboration, trust, and mutual respect that permeates Audi’s employee community. Notably for those with familial responsibilities, flexibility is of paramount importance. Lena affirms, “We operate with a high degree of autonomy within our teams; tailoring our approach to suit our unique circumstances. This even extends to deciding where to reside in Germany. As long as we uphold effective teamwork and rapport with our teams and managers, we enjoy unparalleled freedom here – a true asset for any employee.”

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“Nurturing Personal Advancement” Beyond Job Transitions

When contemplating an employer, a pivotal factor to consider is the potential for career advancement and personal development—a facet embodied by Buenyamin. Commencing his journey in production, he has since evolved into the role of an IT Product Manager. “At Audi, digitization signifies not just amassing data, but cultivating ideas. Being part of an organization that provides abundant prospects for continuous personal growth is a remarkable privilege,” he affirms. Furthermore, employees reap the rewards of global networking within the expansive framework of the group’s international presence.

With immediate effect, prospective employees can delve into these and other authentic narratives across diverse Audi online and offline platforms. The campaign takes flight on Audi’s careers website and resonates across social media platforms. Its resonance will also extend to upcoming events and trade shows, where Audi strategically positions itself as a prospective employer

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