Electricmile Collaborates With Vaan Electric Moto And June Ventures To Accelerate Fleet Electrification And Expand Into International Markets


Electricmile Pvt. Ltd., a prominent player in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, has joined forces with Vaan Electric Moto Pvt Ltd and June Ventures LLC, Dubai, with the shared goal of accelerating fleet electrification and expanding into international markets.

The economic growth of India is closely linked to the need for sustainable transportation solutions. Promoting electric vehicles (EVs) is crucial in combating air pollution, addressing climate change, and bolstering energy security. In pursuit of this goal, Electricmile, Vaan Electric Moto, and June Ventures have joined forces to innovate and transform fleet electrification.

The e-commerce industry has been an early adopter of electric vehicles, with approximately 15 to 20 per cent of last-mile e-commerce cargo fleets already electrified through retrofits, ICE vehicle replacements, or EV introductions. However, there are several obstacles hindering fleet electrification in India, including inadequate infrastructure, lack of awareness, high initial costs and limited financing options, and vehicle-to-utility fit challenges such as range and towing capacity. There exists a significant gap in the pathway for fleet electrification, from discovery to management.

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Electricmile is committed to providing innovative EV fleet solutions to drive transformation in the transportation sector. As a startup founded in 2021, they plan to integrate all steps involved in converting aging and polluting ICE fleets into efficient EV fleets for businesses. Their vision is to become a single-window solution, managing various aspects of electric vehicle fleets, from procurement to management.

Through strategic partnerships with OEMs, battery manufacturers, charging infrastructure providers, and maintenance & repair operators, their upcoming platform aims to serve a new generation of micro-3PLs with electrified fleets and aggregate their services for businesses seeking efficient and eco-friendly last-mile logistics solutions.

VAAN Electric Moto is dedicated to developing world-class e-bikes, e-Mopeds, e-scooters, and e-boats. VAAN Electric Moto gained international acclaim as the first Indian start-up to globally launch at EICMA Italy 2021, the world’s largest Motorcycle show. This DIPP-recognized Indian business, registered in Mumbai and recognized under the Kerala Start-up Mission, demonstrates its commitment to the Make in India initiative through its assembly plant in Kochi.

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By signing the MOU, the company gains access to international markets, aligning with the vision of promoting “Made in India, Made for the World.” With electric bikes and cycles designed for last-mile logistics, VAAN Electric Moto opens up adjacent markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, capitalizing on the success of last-mile delivery businesses in India.

The MOU emphasizes sustainability from both a unit economics and environmental perspective. It encompasses electrified ecosystems, including vehicles, battery swapping, and charging infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable approach to fleet electrification. Additionally, ongoing talks between June Ventures and the Maldives government for food delivery operations further underscore the commitment to sustainable mobility.

The collaboration with VAAN Electric Moto presents promising prospects in the UK and Netherlands markets, thanks to its exceptional selection of electric cycles. The focus is on building distribution channels both offline and digitally, expanding their customer base. Early interest from Netherlands-based investors in establishing local assemblies reinforces the potential for growth and expansion.

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The partnership between Electricmile, Vaan Electric Moto, and June Ventures marks a significant step towards embracing the future of sustainable mobility. By driving fleet electrification and accessing international markets, the companies are striving to create a cleaner, greener, and more efficient transportation ecosystem. Electricmile has committed to a requirement of 10,000 e-scooters with Vaan Electric Moto, with deliveries expected to begin in January 2024.

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