Ola Electric Sells Approximately 19,000 Units In July

A file photo of Ola Electric's S1 Electric Scooter

Ola Electric, one of the largest electric vehicle companies in India, continues to demonstrate its supremacy in the Electric Two-Wheeler (E2W) market segment with remarkable sales figures for the month of July.

Based on Vahan data, Ola Electric sold approximately 19,000 units last month, solidifying its market leader position with an impressive market share of around 40%. The company’s sales performance also exhibits an astounding year-on-year growth of 375% compared to the same period last year.

Ankush Aggarwal, Chief Business Officer at Ola, expressed the company’s commitment to realizing the #EndICEAge (End Internal Combustion Engine Age) vision. With the overwhelming response to their revolutionary and affordable S1 Air model, Ola Electric is well-positioned to accelerate the adoption of EVs in India’s scooter segment.

The highly versatile and accessible S1 Air offers a superior total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional ICE scooters, thus propelling the #EndICEAge movement even faster.

As the company enters August, it eagerly anticipates delivering the S1 Air to customers and hosting its annual flagship event, where exciting announcements are expected.

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Designed as an ideal urban city ride companion, the Ola S1 Air aims to drive mass adoption of electric vehicles. It combines cutting-edge technology and design elements from its predecessors, the S1 and S1 Pro while remaining incredibly affordable.

Boasting a robust 3 kWh battery capacity, a certified range of 125 km, and an impressive top speed of 90 km/hr, the Ola S1 Air sets a new standard in the realm of electric mobility.

In response to high demand and customer requests, Ola Electric has extended the availability of the S1 Air at its introductory price of Rs 1,09,999 until August 15.


  1. Its a good commendable number. Shows the trust people are reposing on Ola in particular and EV 2 W in general.

    Unless the numbers swell to more than 25-30% of ICE numbers the task cannot be considered as achieved.

    Alongside Charging infra esp for 2w is to be scaled up. Even the ones installed are not functioning unavailable for needy public.

    Or swap stations to be populated in vantage points ; then only next level of explosive growth can be envisaged.

    Why not take up with EB’s to install pole mounted charging points.

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