Lexus Expands Business Horizons In India; Set To Venture Into Used Car Market And Electric Vehicles

A file photo of Lexus's car

Luxury car manufacturer Lexus intends to make its foray into India’s used car market starting next year, building upon six years of successful operation in the country.

The Japanese carmaker, known for its self-charging hybrid vehicles, intends to introduce a structured pre-owned car program and will convert some of its sales outlets to accommodate the pre-owned car segment. The company’s move towards electric vehicles is evident, as it aims to launch its first electric model in India by 2025.

Lexus India President Naveen Soni mentioned that the program’s implementation will begin in select outlets, focusing on cities with a substantial vehicle park. The company is considering offering a short buyback scheme to boost consumer confidence.

Furthermore, Lexus has been actively testing its electric vehicles in diverse climatic conditions and receiving valuable customer feedback. It is dedicated to becoming a front-runner in electric technology within the Toyota Group, with a goal of going fully electric by 2035.

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According to Soni’s remarks on sales, 2023 is anticipated to be a remarkable year for the luxury car segment in India, surpassing the previous peak achieved in 2018.

Lexus has increased its sales network across the country, reaching 23 outlets, and continues to enhance its standing in the APAC region. The company is optimistic about its growth and aims to further contribute to India’s luxury car market.

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