Matter Motor Works And Bharti Airtel Partner To Integrate IoT Solution In Matter AERA Electric Motorbike

A file photo of Matter AERA Motorbike

Matter Motor Works, an innovative technology start-up, and Bharti Airtel have formed a strategic partnership to integrate Airtel’s IoT solution into Matter AERA, India’s first and only geared electric motorbike.

In this partnership, Airtel will enable the incorporation of cutting-edge automotive-grade E-Sims on every Matter AERA bike. The initial phase will involve enabling 60,000 Matter bikes with Airtel E-Sims, providing smart and connected features leveraging Airtel’s nationwide superior network.

Over the next three years, Matter aims to manufacture more than 300,000 such bikes. Airtel’s “Airtel IoT Hub” platform will enable real-time tracking and performance monitoring of these vehicles using advanced analytics and robust telco-grade security measures.

Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and CEO of Matter, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the potential of internet-enabled motorbikes to revolutionize connected experiences.

Harish Laddha, CEO of Emerging Business at Airtel, emphasized the importance of green mobility in India’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and expressed confidence in Airtel’s role in driving the IoT agenda across various industries.

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