Okaya EV Launches “Make Promises Happen” Campaign To Connect With Customers


Okaya EV, the electric two-wheeler company with the fastest growth in India, has introduced a new marketing campaign called “Make Promises Happen” in an effort to connect with brand devotees and a new generation of customers. The goal of Okaya product design is to deliver excellent customer experiences that assist individuals in bettering their lives both now and in the future. Okaya exhibits a steadfast dedication to exceeding clients’ expectations and guaranteeing their security.

The company pledges to uphold five main promises as part of the “Make Promises Happen” campaign: promise of a better range, promise of excitement, promise of legacy, promise of safety, and promise of lifetime value. A rider receives the highest range of EVs with the promise of Better Range. The rider enjoys an exciting driving experience with The Promise of Exhilaration. The promise of Legacy includes Okaya’s dedication to creating a legacy of cleaner and greener transportation. The pledge of safety guarantees that the rider’s safety comes first. Additionally, the company recognises the value of making the “Life Time Value” guarantee to clients in order to gain their trust. 

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The founder of Okaya Group, Mr. Anil Gupta, commented on the brand promise and the new campaign, saying, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new campaign, ‘Make Promises Happen,’ which focuses on our portfolio of safe and dependable products. We are more committed than ever to provide the country access to scooters and batteries of the highest calibre and longevity. Our electric scooters are the safest electric scooters on the market since they were designed with Indian riders in mind. We are dedicated to providing our clients with improved range, lifetime value, and an enduring legacy. We hope to provide our consumers with the finest service and assistance possible with the start of this campaign, especially when it comes to their personal safety.

With every Okaya e-scooter test drive, customers will also receive discount coupons for well-known brands, and they can benefit from savings of up to INR 1750. Customers who buy the scooter also have a chance to win a trip to Thailand or a guaranteed payback award of up to 5,000 INR. All Okaya e-scooters are eligible for this deal; they come in six vibrant colours: Metallic Black, Metallic Cyan, Matte Green, Metallic Grey, Metallic Silver, and Metallic White. Both low-speed and high-speed variants are offered.

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