Statiq Expands EV Charging Network With New Station In Dehradun, Uttarakhand

A file photo of Statiq

After installing charging stations in Rajasthan and Punjab, Statiq opened a charging station at Dehradun in Uttarakhand’s capital city. This charging station was set up in partnership with Unison Centrio Mall.

One fast DC charger of 60 KW is included in the EV charging station. It can charge an electric car in 40 minutes up to 80% SOC. There are four 11 kW each pillar-based chargers and 5 compact, circle-based slow AC chargers. The combination of slow and speed chargers can be used to charge all kinds of electric vehicles, including those that are available on the Indian market. This quiet residential community is a popular tourist destination so the installation of this charging station will be a huge boost to EV mobility.

“Dehradun and its neighbouring hill stations are well known for their scenic landscapes and picturesque locales, but also for their clean air and high quality of life. Dehradun is also reported to be among the most polluted cities in India. advocates for sustainable and green mobility. In support of the vision of the Indian Govt., this charging station would be installed and encourage EV use as opposed to petrol- and diesel-based ICE cars. This will undoubtedly help reduce air pollution levels in the area and surrounding areas,” stated Raghav Arora (Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Statiq).

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“Centrio is a Cultural Centre that reinvents fun, food, and fashion. It has won the hearts of both locals and tourists in Dehradun. Centrio offers something for everyone. This includes friends, family, and colleagues. This collaboration with Statiq aims at providing easy access to EV charger facilities for not just Centrio visitors but also any EV owners & drivers passing through the center of the city,” stated Noel Vessaoker (Center Director, Head Business Development & Customer Service Associate at Unison Centrio Mall).

Statiq offers a commercially viable Franchise Business Model for its franchisees to set up and operate an EV Charging station for electric vehicles in order to meet their daily charging needs. There are over 7,000 charging stations in the country that are public, semi-public, or captive, with more than 1,000 using DC fast-charging technology. They are located in strategic locations like malls and offices, as well as highways and airports.

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