Rapido With RACEnergy To Deploy Electric Autos Across India

'Bajaj Autoriksha' model type 24 (taxicabs; rickshaws)

Rapido, a shared ride platform, and RACEnergy, a battery tech company, have announced their partnership in the deployment of electric autos across India. The first electric autos will be deployed in Hyderabad, and the technology will expand to other cities before December 2023.

These vehicles will be integrated into RACEnergy’s advanced swapping technology to give them access to a strong network.

Rapido has a large customer base and offers over a million rides daily. RACEnergy’s tech-enabled electric cars with zero downtime will offer a cleaner alternative.

Rapido’s Co-founder Aravind Sanka said that this partnership was a significant step towards green, sustainable transport solutions. He stated, “Rapido is committed to providing the best customer experience. RACEnergy’s innovative battery-swapping technology and energy-dense cells will make electric transportation accessible to the masses.”

Arun Sreyas is the CEO and co-founder of RACEnergy. He said “This will allow us to expand our network into more cities and to onboard a larger number of electric auto drivers. We expect a higher level of battery usage and circulation.”

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