Kerala Has Set Goals And Detailed Roadmaps To Accelerate Electric Mobility Adoption – CM


Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala Chief Minister, stated that global warming is the most serious crisis and has led to natural disasters around the world. The state has therefore developed a policy for electric mobility.

Vijayan spoke at an international conference on electric mobility, alternative fuels, and technology. He stated that Kerala has set goals and created detailed roadmaps to accelerate electric mobility adoption in order to decrease dependence on traditional fuels. Vijayan stated that subsidies are available for both the purchase and retrofitting of old diesel auto-rickshaws with electric motors as well as batteries.

He said that the government is offering a reduction in road tax for electric vehicles as well as tax exemption for five years on electric autos. He said that the government is working to increase public charging and induct electric buses into its fleet at the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation.

Vijayan stated that a major obstacle in the transition to electric vehicles is the higher initial costs of the vehicles compared to conventional vehicles. Heavy-duty battery packs, which are costly and a major contributor to the excessive cost, are also major factors.

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He stated that battery swapping was considered a feasible solution due to its initial cost, limited range, and battery life span. He also said that electric mobility would help boost the country’s economic prospects, in addition to addressing concerns about global warming and climate change.

Vijayan said, “Therefore we are hopeful that the international conference on electric mobility will set the scene for India’s comprehensive transition to a sustainable transportation environment.”

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