Liger Mobility Unveils Two Electric Scooters – The Liger X And Liger X+

A file photo of Liger X electric scooter

Liger Mobility, a Mumbai-based start-up, has unveiled two electric scooters – the Liger X+ and Liger X. The company claims that these are the first-ever auto-balancing scooters.

The company claims that the patented technology allows for a variety of industry-first features. This includes FootFreeStop which allows riders to keep their feet on the footboard even when there is traffic. ReverseRide allows riders to reverse scooters like a vehicle. There is also Learn2Ride learner mode and over-the-air updates.

Auto balancing is only intended to be activated when the vehicle is in standby mode. This feature can be manually activated or deactivated by a rider at lower speeds, depending on their needs.

Ashutosh Upadhyay (Co-founder), of Liger Mobility, stated that all aspects of Liger X+ and Liger X’s auto-balancing technology have been developed in-house.

Vikas Poddar, the co-founder of Liger Mobility, said that he hopes these products and technology will further fuel India’s electric revolution.

They will come in five colors and have a top speed of 65 kmph. The Liger X+ is said to have a range between 100 km whereas, Liger X is anticipated to have a 60 km range.

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Both electric scooters run on liquid-cooled Lithium-ion batteries. However, Liger X has a removable battery pack that can be charged in under three hours. Liger X+, however, uses a non-detachable battery that can charge in under 4.5 hours. Each variant also offers fast charging options for an additional fee.

Both electric scooters come with GPS and 4G connectivity. The app allows the rider to view the live location, ride history, temperature, and battery percentage. Turn-by-turn navigation will be available on the Liger X+. The scooter’s TFT screen will allow the user to see phone calls and messages.

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