EVeium Launches Its New Experience Center In Pune

A file photo of EVeium's new Experience Center In Pune

EVeium Smart Mobility launched a new experience center in Pune, Maharashtra with Sarnot Autolines. Customers will be able to see the technology and products behind the brand’s offerings through the experience hub.

The brand’s experience hub offers a high-quality customer experience and a wide range of vehicles. Santosh Dhone (MD of Dhone Group) as well as Aditya Reddy (VP, Sales & Marketing at EVeium Smart Mobility) launched the experience Hub.

Under the dealer of EVeium – Sarnot Autolines, the Experience Hub showcases all three premium electric scooters from this brand.

  • Cosmo – Top Speed of 65 Kmph; Range: 80 km with a single charge; Cost – Rs. 1,39,200
  • Comet – Top Speed of 85 Kmph; Range: 150 km with a single charge; Cost – Rs. 1,84,900
  • Czar – Top Speed of 85 Kmph; Range – 150km with a single Charge; Cost – Rs. 2,07,700

All prices ex-showroom in India (excluding GST).

Suyash Nilesh Sarnot, Sarnot Autolines, stated that “A lot of brands have been offering customers compromised products. We were looking for something more premium and better quality in this environment. EVeium’s technology and products fit the bill perfectly. We are pleased to have partnered up with the brand that is at the forefront of the space in terms of innovation, style, and prestige.”

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Aditya Reddy (VP, of Sales & Marketing at EVeium Smart Mobility) stated that it was important to address the Pune audience, one of the most conscious cities regarding EVs, on the occasion of the launch of the experience hub. We have seen the city as an innovation hub for EVs. The city is showing great interest in our products and we plan to open a second dealership within a quarter. We plan to expand our reach in the city and eventually across the state. We’ve received positive feedback from other cities and expect no less as we try to make an impact in India’s silicon valley.

EVeium will focus on displaying the technology embedded within its vehicles to dispel any misconceptions about EVs.

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