Himachal Pradesh To Introduce Electric Vehicle Policy Soon – Deputy CM

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According to Mukesh Agnihotri, Deputy Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, the state is working with innovative ideas to reform its transport sector and will soon introduce an electric vehicle (EV) policy.

Agnihotri tested a Secretariat electric vehicle and asked about its technical details. He stated that positive efforts were being made to transform the transport sector.

He said that discussions are ongoing at different levels to implement the new policy.

“Initially, electric vehicles will be promoted by the Secretariat. Agnihotri stated that their use of public transport will increase over time.

The government’s priorities are environmental protection and the promotion of electric vehicles in the state. This is a popular tourist destination. He said that a decision on the purchase of EVs will be made soon.

The government will make all necessary steps to provide charging facilities. He stated that the facility would be available in the Secretariat, Himachal Sadan, and other government institutions.

The Transport department will soon induct a fleet of electric vehicles. Instructions have been sent to the Transport director.

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According to the deputy chief minister, an electric vehicle had been provided to the chief minister during the previous government. It was handed to the General Administration department later.

Agnihotri stated that the policy would be presented to the Cabinet after talks with Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. The Centre will also be involved in discussions.

He stated that appropriate steps will be taken to establish new driving test tracks in order to comply with road safety standards.

Himachal Road Transport Corporation owns approximately 1,000 vehicles with zero book value. These vehicles will gradually be replaced with electric vehicles. The new policy will also include electric buses.

The electric vehicle policy will help to reduce this loss. He said that it will also lower the daily expenditure of approximately Rs 1.5 crore incurred each day by the corporation.”

In the initial phase, the state government aims to reduce the losses of the corporation so that it can be made to a “no loss no profit” position.

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The corporation will also increase its fleet of long-distance buses. There are approximately 125 long-distance buses that travel outside of the corporation’s jurisdiction daily. The Transport department was instructed to submit a report on their operation and registration.

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