Maharashtra Allows Individual EV Owners To Install Charging Points Within Building Premises

EV Charging Point
A file photo of electric vehicle charging point

The Maharashtra government issues a notification that allows individual owners of electric vehicles to install charging points in their buildings.

The notification stated that anyone who wants to install an EV charge station is allowed to do so as long as it is not a licensed activity. The order stated that a NOC should be issued by the RWA or housing society to any EV owner who wishes to install a charging station within their building. This is provided that the charger’s installation follows the Safety Advisory for EV Charging Stations in Maharashtra, issued by the Government of Maharashtra (the Chief Electrical Inspector).

It stated that the housing society (or residents’ welfare association) should issue a No Objection Certificate to the vehicle owner within seven business days of the date of the application for an EV charger.

In June 2021, the state government launched the ‘Maharashtra State Electric Vehicle Policy’. This policy addressed the concerns of all stakeholders in the EV ecosystem. It outlined the charging infrastructure development requirements, demand, and supply-side fiscal incentives to reduce the upfront cost of EV adoption and increase production capacity.

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Although the policy was comprehensive in nature, the provision of a NOC from a housing society to an EV owner to install a private EV charging station will increase the EV adoption rate as private vehicles rely on home charging to provide up to 80% of their charging needs.


  1. In fact All RWA should be encouraged to install charging points , these will augment the no of points. These could well be accessible to others too on charging infra. It will help vehicle owners as well as the RWA who can improve their indirect income

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