Amara Raja Batteries To Set Up Lithium-Ion Battery Facility In Telangana


Amara Raja Batteries is a top industrial and automotive battery maker company. The government of Telangana signed an agreement with the company to establish state-of-the-art research as well as manufacturing facilities for lithium-ion battery-making in the Mahbubnagar district of the state. After obtaining all necessary approvals, the company plans to invest more than Rs 9,500 crore into the unit in the next 10 years.

Amara Raja, in its latest effort to be an ‘energy- and mobility’ enterprise has chosen Telangana as the location for its Amara Raja Giga Corridor. Amara Raja E-hub, Hyderabad’s first advanced energy research and innovation center, would be the initial facility. Advanced laboratories and infrastructure will be available to support material research, prototyping, and product life cycle analysis. This unit will serve Amara Raja’s needs for development and offer a variety of facilities that are open to all players in the energy- and mobility sector.

Amara Raja stated that the E-hub is a catalyst for multi-stakeholder collaboration and fostering entrepreneurship within these emerging sectors, in accordance with the vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat. Amara Raja will also set up a pilot plant at a commercial scale and its first gigascale cell production facility as part of the company’s journey to giga-scale manufacturing advanced cell technology products.

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Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies was established as a subsidiary by the company on November 3. It has been developing Li-ion cell chemistries that are specifically suitable for Indian subcontinent conditions. The company supplies chargers and battery packs to several two- and three-wheeler OEMs.

“This strategic partnership between the Telangana government will be a huge leap for Amara Raja. It will stimulate innovation in sustainable technologies and create jobs.” Jayadev Galla (Chairman and Managing Director of Amara Raja Batteries) said that they have been in close contact with the state for a while and are thrilled to finally be able to establish an industrial base.

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