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In India, accidents on the road are still a major problem. Because of this, each of us needs to do our share to limit the number of vehicle accidents that happen. Making sure that our vehicle is equipped with the newest safety features is one of the finest methods to achieve this. Understanding how this technology functions can go a long way in assisting you in preventing an accident, whether you are interested in buying a brand-new vehicle that comes with these safety measures already installed or you have an older vehicle that needs technical improvements.

A new study directed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) estimates that over 8,000 two-wheeler crashes could be prevented each year by equipping passenger vehicles with front crash prevention. Front crash prevention includes blind spot detection systems and lane maintenance. These systems would find 2-wheelers and be able to avoid crashes by alerting the driver or intervening if a possible collision is detected. In the case of a collision, EVs have safety features that rapidly separate the battery in the event of a collision. Special pyro-fuses are triggered when the vehicle’s numerous sensors identify a collision, severing the high-voltage wires and effectively shutting off all electricity.

The majority of the Indian automobile market is comprised of the two-wheeler sector. Its market share of more than 80% enables it to expand quickly and continually; the prior year saw double-digit growth. For the nation’s two-wheeler market, this is a mixed bag. The two-wheeler sector is relieved by the improvement, which last occurred in 2012; still, two-wheelers account for 25% of all fatalities in traffic accidents. With the aid of assistive technology, which has already found its way into cars but has yet to make a significant impact on the motorbike and scooter landscape, these alarming statistics can be greatly reduced.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on EV safety.

Usage of IoT-based solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)-based solution for managing vehicle charges and investigates its application in outdoor settings by sending data to lengthy detachments. The idea behind this proposed method is to protect human life because it’s possible that it may produce a brief trail, which would then cause serious harm to human life. Therefore, IoT is used to analyze the maximum limits of charge capacity with limitations in voltage sets. These parameters are calculated using a gradient boosting algorithm where the prediction error is lesser. It is vital to employ an IoT-based technology with a cheap installation cost because this technique takes into account a data transfer methodology where the assessed information is transferred to a control center.

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The new generation electric vehicles also feature a battery source, which is advantageous for long-distance driving. The location of the charging station allows the users to choose the type of battery and even track the battery’s charge. In this monitoring stage, the required components of electric vehicles have been fitted with a new monitoring device that replaces the outdated Global Positioning System
(GPS) technology. Wireless sensors are intelligent device that performs the same function as GPS. Even the sensor technology used in these electric vehicles will be preferable to GPS systems.

Therefore, by integrating wireless sensors into essential components of the vehicle, it will be possible to keep an eye on things like battery life, travel distance, alerts for charging stations, etc.


An IoT-based vehicle theft detection and remote engine locking system is GPS technology that helps the users identify the vehicle in theft mode and enables the controlling mechanism technique. The incidence of automobile thefts is exponentially increasing in the modern world. Criminals are getting smarter all the time and have developed applications that target the current vehicle safety system. Vehicle theft has grown to be a serious problem that needs to be tracked down and stopped. By using a few expensive items, such as an ignition key, the suggested solution gets around most of the problems while increasing cost-effectiveness and decreasing complexities.

The extension for operating systems that remotely lock the vehicle engine and deter theft is part of the suggested solution. The proposed method allows users to start and stop their vehicles using either an Android application or by using the ignition keypad to open the security mechanism that pinpoints position (latitude, longitude) at any location where the car is using the application time. The Android app is really beneficial in the event of theft, locking the vehicle’s engine on reckless automobile driving. Therefore, automobiles are given more effective control mechanisms and so lowering the crime rate.

Driver Distraction

It is one of the leading reasons for serious road accidents. Studies show that incoming calls and messages are one of the main reasons for driver distraction. Even taking your eyes off the road for a short duration can lead you to a tragedy, and the assumption of hands-free telephony is not a solution. It’s because when you are talking on a call, the focus is more on the conversation and not on the road. Moreover, many riders just remove their phones to check who is calling, and then they decide what to do next. The solution to this can be the execution of Bluetooth hardware to the telematics gadget, which is in touch with the rider’s phone and reads out the number to a Bluetooth headset-enabled helmet. This usable technology will inform the rider about the urgency of the call and then he can take the necessary step accordingly. As the telematics device can be issued with motion sensors, it can also refuse the call to be picked up before the bike is stopped.

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Another feature of driver distraction is the person riding with him – the pillion. It is normal for the rider to turn his head to speak to the pillion rider Due to high levels of noise pollution. In doing so, he takes his eyes off the road for some seconds, which can prove dangerous. Here too, Bluetooth-enabled helmets can be proven useful, as, without any distraction, they will establish a link of communication between both.


Fatigue is an element that gives rise to errors in judgment, leading to dangerous consequences. Listening to your favorite music can be a way to stop this from happening, which can be telecast to a Bluetooth-enabled helmet. This will ensure that you are alert and not drifting off to sleep. While this may not be perfect for city commutes, it can be pleasant in long-distance travel, which is synonymous with fatigue.


In an accident, the emergency response becomes extremely decisive, mostly within the first ten minutes. Therefore, a safety telematics gadget can be a lifesaver in emergencies, when equipped with proper technical accessories such as accelerometers, GPS, and cellular modem. In the event of an accident, this can be used to send notifications to the person’s emergency contacts which increases the chances of obtaining immediate help and survival.

Helmet technology

Any bikers must include helmets as their safety equipment. Wearing a helmet decreases the chance of a head injury by 69 percent when one faced an accident. Manufacturers of helmets have incorporated technology to improve the safety of this protective gear. Many helmets, feature app-powered sound, fact, and Bluetooth features, allowing them to connect to your smartphone.

Tire pressure and temperature sensors

It is easy to install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) into your motorbike as it’s also cost-effective. When riding, this technology permits you to view the tire temperature and pressure. Most TPMSs come with Bluetooth tire gauges, whereas some send notifications if an issue is identified. This vital safety device allows a periodic pressure gauge to check it quicker and more regularly.

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Range and Speed

Range issues frighten away a lot of potential EV consumers, while safety concerns deter others. It is easy to understand how these technologies could be dangerous given their highly combustible batteries and charged electrical circuitry. However, thanks to a host of innovative features developed to safeguard drivers and other road users, electric cars are just as secure as any other type of vehicle.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

Nowadays ABS is the most important Motorcycle Safety Tech Trend. Bikes equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) are more dependable. ABS enhances the stability of your bike and prevents the wheels from form-locking. Braking overly hard to avoid a collision or because of a slick road destabilizes your bike, causing the front wheel or back to lock up. Wheel locking, however, may lead your bike to skid or crash.

Recently, some electric two-wheeler has come with lots of technical advancements by which road accidents can be reduced wherein the vehicles are providing IoT (Internet of things), battery (fastest charging time), and Security (remote lock, tracking, etc.). Such an innovative 2-wheeler Muvi has been created with the latest electrical mobility technology available to provide you with clean, nimble, efficient, and uncomplicated mobility. Under its careful “friendly scooter” appearance is state-of-the-art technology designed to propel you around the city efficiently which connects with the latest smartphones for total control.

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