Flash Electronics Partners With Elimen Group To Produce Components For EVs In India


Flash Electronics, a manufacturer of electronic components, announced that it has partnered with Elimen Group in Poland to produce controllers and traction motors for electric vehicles (EVs) in India.

Pune-based electronics manufacturer, the company produces electrical as well as electronic components for electric two and three-wheelers. It will now expand its reach into commercial and passenger vehicle segments.

The company stated that it will manufacture these systems and market them in India. Elimen Group will still be available to serve other international markets.

It said that the company will invest an additional Rs 150 crore in the next two years as part of the new partnership.

“Flash will be able to expand its focus and also strengthen its position in the EV market by collaborating with Elimen Group,” said Sanjeev Vasdev, Flash’s Managing Director.

He added, “Elimen’s design and development expertise, combined with our manufacturing capabilities, will allow us to reach new markets.”

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The brand employs more than 2,500 people and has six manufacturing facilities in India, Germany, and Hungary.

Cezary Klimont, CEO of Elimen Group, stated that the partners are well-suited for strengthening their presence in the space of electromobility.

“With Flash’s strong focus on production and quality combined with our robust design and development expertise, we hope to further strengthen our presence in the exciting electromobility space and gear up to deliver our solutions to EV manufacturers in new markets,” he noted.

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