Greaves Electric Mobility Serviced 1 Lakh Electric Two-Wheelers Between April To September

A file photo of Ampere Electric Vehicles' Magnus EX Scooter

Greaves Electric Mobility served 1 lakh electric two-wheelers over the past six months from April to September. It’s in line with the company’s mission to shift customers towards a more sustainable electric mobility ecosystem as well as to give best-in-class service.

1 lakh electric scooters were served across 275 cities by 350+ service points. Services offered included periodic services (free and paid), accidental, and warranty with general repairs. Greaves Electric Mobility also offers a 24-by-7 roadside service and an extended warranty of about 5 years.

Greaves Electric Mobility, CEO & Executive Director, Sanjay Behl stated that the transition to electric mobility is more than just about the sale of EVs. It also involves a multitude of customer-centric solutions as well as services, including affordable and easy access to high-quality after-sales support.

“On the back to a billion kilometres logged by our Ampere brand electric scooters, the milestone signifies Greaves Electric’s commitment to high-quality aftersales service. It reinforces our core tenet of a customer being the most important visitor at our premises,” stated Behl.

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