BPCL Rolls Out Second Phase of Setting Up EV Charging Stations in Southern India

BPCL Launches EV Fast-Charging Corridors on the Bangalore-Chennai and Bangalore-Mysore-Coorg Highway

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a ‘Maharatna’ and a Fortune Global 500 Company, today announced the launch of EV Fast-Charging stations on two corridors in the southern region of India i.e. Bangalore-Chennai and Bangalore-Mysore-Coorg Highway, revealed at an event in Bangalore. 

The fast chargers follow the CCS-2 protocol and are strategically located at nine of its fuel stations with an approximate distance of 100 Km on both sides of the routes. 

BPCL plans to provide CCS-2 EV charging stations at its fuel pumps at periodic intervals on all major national highways connecting major cities and economic centres in the country. The Chennai-Trichy-Madurai highway was part of the first phase.

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The installation of 25 KW fast charger will enable customers to discover and charge their EVs in about 30 minutes to enjoy travel range of upto 125 Km along with the convenience of BPCL’s user friendly payment mobile application HelloBPCL. The fast charger can be self-operated without any manual assistance, however support staff help will be available, if and when needed.

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Speaking at the launch of the EV Fast-Charging Corridors, P.S. Ravi, Executive Director In-charge (Retail), BPCL said “The growth of Indian electric vehicle market has been significant over the years and the launch of our EV Fast-Charging Corridors on the Bangalore-Chennai Highway and Bangalore-Mysore-Coorg Highway is aligned with India’s EV dream of transitioning to cleaner alternatives. Our leading edge in providing “superior” solution and experiences will serve our EV customers along the two new corridors and will provide a Pure for Sure experience in this exciting journey of electric mobility.“

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With the announcement of the launch, BPCL aims at accelerating its focus on new business segments and converting its 7,000 conventional Retail Outlets into Energy Stations providing multiple fueling options, which will also include EV charging facility, in the medium to long term.

The Bharat Petroleum fuel stations offer the consumers with added convenience of clean and hygienic washrooms, cash withdrawals, safe and secure parking while charging, free digital air facility, 24 hour operations and much more. Select fuel stations also offer Nitrogen filling facility. Several of Bharat Petroleum’s highway fuel stations also offer hygienic food through its strategic alliances with leading brands such as McDonald’s, A2B, Cube Stop, Café Coffee Day and other local outlets. Bharat Petroleum has also planned to roll out its chain of In & Out convenience stores at key fuel stations on highways for added convenience to its customers.

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  1. Yes providing rest & recoup facility in fuelling outlets that too EV charging points is s welcome move. Ultimately every 25 kms one charging point should be available on National,State Highways

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