Renon India Launches Its Smart Swappable Batteries For Electric Two-Wheelers

A file photo of Renon India Launches Groot

Renon, a Surat-based li-ion battery storage company has launched Groot, its smart swappable batteries for electric two-wheelers. NMC chemistry is used to build this Li-ion battery pack suitable for EVs of low- and medium-speed.

This pack is made up of phase change material, which can be used for thermal management. The new pack is nominally rated at 2.04 kWh and has a voltage of 57.6 V. It has an IP-67 rating, making it water- and dust-resistant.

MD and CEO of Renon India, Aditya Vikram, said, “We are excited to introduce Groot as the next-gen e-mobility solution for India. Renon sees the launch of this E2W Li battery platform as a step forward toward our larger goal. We intend to make further revolutions in the sector to build a strong and sustainable energy storage system in the country.”

Renon India has seen significant growth since its inception in 2019. With production technology capable of producing 3000+ packs per month, Renon India expects to achieve a milestone of 500+ MWh in its manufacturing line capacity. The company is currently working towards Rs. 40 crore in revenue by the end this financial year.

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