E-Fill Electric Signs MoU With Chargebyte GmbH To Develop DC Fast Chargers For Electric Buses

A file photo of E-Fill Electric inks MoU with chargebyte GmbH to develop DC fast chargers for buses.

E-Fill Electric, an EV tech startup, has announced it has signed an MoU with Chargebyte to develop its products and expand its business.

E-Fill Electric released a press release stating that the companies will collaborate in R&D to create a compact and smart DC fast charger for electric buses. Both companies will also collaborate closely on the development of onboard chargers for passenger EVs with 4W.

The founder and CEO of E-Fill Electric Charging Solutions, Mayank Jain noted that the partnership will develop DC fast chargers in accordance with CCS2 standards.

Thomas Wagner, Chargebyte GmbH CEO, stated, “Chargebyte offers smart charger controllers to push electric mobility worldwide. We are glad to work with e-fill to implement this plan in India, and further.”

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