Jaipur International Airport Installs Seven EV Charging Stations


Jaipur International Airport installs 7 electric vehicle charging stations after introducing 7 electric vehicles SUVs. Around 38 electric vehicles can be charged with these chargers in a day.

“The DC fast electric vehicle charging station is located at traffic island 4 near the exit gate of the airport. This station has two 60-KW CCS 2-type gun chargers, where two EVs can be charged simultaneously. The charging station is capable of charging approximately 38 vehicles in 24 hours,” said an official spokesperson of the airport.

The construction for installing electric vehicle chargers has been started on the city side.

“The presence of an EV charging station at a public utility will only reassure EV owners to use this green mode of transport while planning their next ride to the airport,” said an official.

The EV charging stations have been set up to reduce the carbon footprints of the airport authority and to switch to green energy.

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