Lith Pwr Mobility Partners With Tork Motors And Japanese OEM To Deploy E3Ws In India

Electric-three wheelers of Tork Motors

Lith Pwr Mobility, an electric vehicle startup based in Thane, has partnered up with Tork Motors as well as Japanese OEM for electric three-wheeler operations in the country.

Lith Pwr Mobility will deploy electric three-wheelers that are powered by Tork Motors powertrain and Japanese OEM’s BaaS, Battery as a Service swapping solution. The commercial operations of BaaS are underway and the first stint in the city of Bengaluru already has multiple swapping stations to ease its operations. Lith Pwr Mobility claims it has completed its pilot project in Thane in Maharashtra in the year 2021.

Manish Agarwal, Founder, Lith Pwr said, “With the support of our associate partners who have vast expertise and experience in electric automotive, we are contributing to the nation building. At the same time, the three-wheeler (auto-rickshaw) industry is considered a major source of pollution in last-mile connectivity services. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly rides for daily commutes in metro cities with zero downtime on a swappable battery pack.”

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Tork Motors, which has been manufacturing powertrains for multiple companies and working with OEMs of electric three-wheelers since 2017, has already started to produce them. This powertrain features an Axial flux motor that is supported by a CAN-based controller. It produces maximum power and has 94% efficiency. The 2-speed gearbox provides optimal output.

The partnership is in line with the policies that NITI Aayog has drafted to encourage battery swapping within India. It will be a boon to the industry, Tork says. They will jointly offer the most advanced technology as well as the highest efficiency in the electric 3-wheeler market.

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