HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Launches ‘All Things EV’ Portal For Users To Find EV Charging Stations


A portal has been launched by HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company, a leading private sector insurance company. The portal, ‘All Things EV’, is the first to offer a single-stop solution for potential and existing EV users. The company stated that this initiative is in line with India’s push to electric mobility and caters for the needs of current and potential EV users.

HDFC ERGO launched a dedicated platform to support existing and potential EV ecosystem users. This platform hosts all information about this sector. It caters to all Indians that have purchased EVs, are looking to purchase EVs, or want to earn money in the booming EV market.

All Things EV provides information for existing users on charging stations near them, charging stations located along intercity routes and rich content about the maintenance of their electric vehicles. Information about all the EV options in India can be found here, as well as the costs of ownership and the subsidies provided by the different states. You can also learn about the cost and profitability of the various charging units available to anyone looking to install charging stations.

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The website has a roadmap that includes features such as slot booking at charging stations and roadside assistance. It also allows for the creation of an EV community.

Parthanil Ghosh (President – Retail Business), HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company stated that “As an insurance company committed to sustainability goals under various climate protocols we recognize our responsibility to support India’s aspirational EV road map to ensure a greener, more sustainable future for us.”

The Indian EV market is poised for significant growth thanks to a supportive policy environment, increased customer awareness about green technology, the availability of electric vehicles across the value chain, and improved charging infrastructure. We aim to create India’s first EV ecosystem called “All Things EV” and provide a single-stop solution for all EV users or potential customers. This will help to accelerate adoption of the environment-friendly mobility solution.

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