FLO’s SmartDC EV Fast Charger Gets Energy Star Certification


FLO, a North American EV charging business, is proud to announce its SmartDC Direct Current Fast Charging Charger (DCFC), is the first ENERGY STAR-certified North American EV fast charger. The ENERGY STAR certificate is an internationally recognised and trusted mark of high efficiency that allows for more efficient and eco-friendly products. This certification helps consumers make informed decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Louis Tremblay (FLO President and CEO) said, “This certification was an important achievement and is a major testament the quality of our fast charging solutions.  FLO chargers are as reliable, safe, and durable as EV drivers expect them be. Thanks to the ENERGY STAR certificate, they now embody our commitment of offering energy efficient charging solutions.”

ENERGY STAR certification is provided by the Environmental Protection Agency, a United States government agency tasked in environmental protection. This certification is recognized in both the United States of America and Canada, where the FLO network exists.

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This certification has been granted to several Level 2 EV chargers, including FLO Home G5, FLOHome X5, and FLOCoRe+ chargers.

Peter Banwell (EPA Energy Star Program Manager) stated that energy efficiency is an important consideration when designing products such as DC fast EV chargers. FLO’s Smart DC charger was among the first to be awarded ENERGY STAR certification. We congratulate them on this achievement. The successful deployment of cutting-edge technologies such as this FLO product is essential in helping to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ENERGY STAR certification means that products use energy efficiently. This includes the power consumed by an EV charger in stand-by mode, while connected to a car but not charging it, and the charge time.

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