Okinawa Autotech Opens A New Showroom In Ahmedabad


Okinawa Autotech, an EV manufacturer, opened its new Galaxy showroom, Ahmedabad, one week after opening a new showroom in Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra). This experience centre will provide customers with a live EV buying experience and increase awareness about electric two-wheelers.

Showrooms such as the Galaxy store are becoming a popular trend among two-wheeler OEMs. They offer an experience centre designed to increase customer engagement with electric two-wheelers. The showrooms offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the manufacturing process. Its e-scooters can be cut apart to allow visitors to inspect key components like the motor, battery and chassis. Customers can also customize their vehicle by using the customisation zone.

Okinawa Autotech founder and MD Jeetender Sharma said that the store will give customers what they need, but also show them what’s possible, which is the bright future for electric two-wheelers.

Okinawa sold a total of 35,386 units during the April-July 2022 period. This equates to an average monthly sale of 8,846 units. It is currently the No. 1 OEM of electric two-wheelers.

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